Study Destination CANADA



For three continuous years, Canada has been declared the country with a good reputation in the world. It has ranked high in categories like the best place to study, the best place to live, work opportunities, etc. It is one of the top destinations for International Students as it provides a wide range of options to the students. In 2016 more than 3 lakh students choose Canada for Higher Studies and the number has risen dramatically in the last few years. There are many internationally ranked Universities in Canada and even the Canadian ministry of education stresses on increasing the number of International Students. Below are some more reasons as to why one must choose Canada for higher studies.

Scholarship Opportunities :

Canadian Government and Universities provide scholarships like The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarship, Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Programme, University of Calgary Graduate Studies Award to the International Students.

Worldy Renowned Universities :

Canadian Universities and Colleges are known for their high academic standards. Their degrees are globally acknowledged. In 2012 universities like McGill University, McMaster University, University of Toronto and University of British Columbia have claimed top 100 spots in the ARWU Shanghai Rankings.

Affordable cost of Living :

Cost of living in Canada is low despite of high Education Standards.

Research Opportunities :

Canadian Education System gives lots of importance to research . In Canada, Government and Industry both gives support to research which involves Telecommunication, Medicine, Computer Technology, Agriculture Etc.

Safety :

Safety is the biggest concern of International Students and their parents. Canada was ranked as 8th most peaceful country in the world by The Institute of Economics and Peace.


According to ICEF more than 3,50,000 International Students select Canada for Higher Education every year. Getting Offer Letter from Canadian University or college is not the only hurdle that one has to cross. The student also needs a visa to enter and continue their stay during their study program. If the duration of selected course is more than six months, then it is mandatory for students to get Canadian Student Permit. To apply for a Student Visa, student needs list of documents which are key components of the Application process:

Valid Passport:

- A valid passport is required to apply for a Student Visa.
- Passport validity must cover the students stay in Canada during the study program.

Proof of Acceptance Letter:

- Once the student has decided the University or College for studies, then he must apply for Acceptance Letter there. The letter consists of DLI number, i.e. Designated Learning Institution Number.

Proof of Funds:

As per current scenario student needs to show proof of funds required to pay tuition fee as well as for living expenses. Canadian Immigration asks students to have at least $10,000 for their day to day expenses.

Passport sized Photographs:

- For offline applications two passport sized photographs are required. For online applications, digital passport sized photographs not more than 4 MB is required.
- The size of the image should be at least 35mm*45mm.
- It should have a plain background.

Immigration Medical Examination(IME):

- Students who are applying for Canada Study Visa needs to undergo Immigration Medical Examination from selected Doctors. Students should get a medical examination, preferably a week before they start their Visa Application. The tests may include chest X-Rays and Laboratory tests.

Statement of Purpose:

- While applying for Canada Study Visa, students need to submit an Essay stating the purpose of the visit and reason for selecting particular institution.

Credit Card:

- In case of online Application, the Application fee is paid by Credit Card as the Debit Cards are not accepted by the system. The visa fee for Canada is CAD $ 150.


Canada has been attracting the volume of students from India. Around 13,000 International Students prefer to study in Canada every year. If students wish to have academic, professional or vocational training at College, University or any other educational institute in Canada then they require a study permit before entering the country. The student gets study permit on entering Canada, but student must first apply for Temporary Resident Visa which is issued by the Canadian High Commission. The Visa fee for a Canadian Study Permit is CAD $ 150. Students must process by attending counselling sessions to find out options relevant to their previous course of study and available courses. Further, students must follow the process given below to continue:

  1. First of all apply for Acceptance Letter in recognized University/College of Canada. While applying for Offer Letter, students need to submit their academic documents, valid passport copy and proof of English Language Ability. The student will have to wait for the next step until they receive the Offer Letter from university.
  2. Once the Acceptance Letter is received, the student can pay tuition fee, which is mentioned in the Offer Letter. On successful payment of Tuition Fee student is provided with a receipt which is required during visa lodgement.
  3. The next step is getting a guaranteed investment certificate that is GIC from a participating Financial institute like Nova Scotia for the amount of $ 10,200 CAD. This is required for students 1st year living expenses.
  4. Now student needs to undertake medical from one of the Dr. who is approved by the Canadian Government. After medical, student gets receipt which is required during the time of visa lodgement.

The last step is lodgement of file in the embassy. To lodge file student need set of documents which are mentioned in the checklist provided by My Foreign Study.